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eBook: Queer Hands of God


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I’ve walked many stages of grief before arriving at joy and celebration in my queerness. The lightness I feel today was not preached from a pulpit, it was found in other people. I hope these stories can be an inspiration for anyone who needs it. Know that you are heavenly made and worthy to love and be loved. This book is an invitation to lean in and recognize that divinity is abundant and alive in the LGBTQ+ community.

-Grace Baldridge, Semler

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Seemingly invisible in Christian canon, LGBTQ+ people have continually walked among us, serving as conduits of God’s love. These Queer Hands of God are life savers, the support beams of chosen family, the gentle reminders to have hope when we’re down and out, financiers when the bill is due, doorstops when the door is closing and finally—as we like to call them—angels when a miracle is all that will save us.

In this anthology witness God working through the hands of LGBTQ+ people. Through the voices of 30 storytellers, Will Remigio artfully combines stories and illustrations to create this heartwarming and breathtaking retelling of God among us.
Queer Hands of God will renew your spiritual energies and help you find restorative oneness with the Creator.

Queer Hands of God was produced in partnership with believr, the app for LGBTQ+ Christians to find community and relationships. On these pages, you’ll get a look at the unseen power of queer people to connect, belong, and love their way to changing lives in religious spaces. We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery.”

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