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Our Bible App is the first LGBT affirming bible app. Creating devotionals for progressive Christians we uplift believers of ALL stripes. 

Keep The Faith. Ditch The Baggage.


As people of faith we must interrogate how our beliefs affect our spiritual health. Many of us have had run-ins with toxic religious communities, internalized negative beliefs about ourselves, fallen prey to bad theology and used that very same rhetoric on others. Our Bible App is asking you to purge these things with us by asking aloud, how do we develop a healthy spiritual life? How do we ditch the baggage?

Join us in our month long Baggage Claim campaign. We'll have a special devotionals written by AnaYelso Velassco-Sanchez, Anthony Trent, Jasmin Figeroa and more so stay tuned for those announcements as they come. Let us bring the hurt into the light to allow healing. We encourage you to do the most public thing and share your story on social media with us with the hashtag #baggageclaim. Keep your faith. Ditch the baggage.