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Everything Falls Apart

Where is Jesus in the messiness of everything going from wrong to worse? Where do we find hope when things go wrong, whether it is or isn't our fault? Explore these questions through a pastor's insight into Jesus's response to some of Peter's missteps. -Rev. William Gilligan


Queer Christian Grief

What do we make of all the grief we must deal with as queer Christians? Lighten your load with this reminder of God's Rainbow Promise to us.. -Laura Jean Truman


Breaking Alabaster

Forgetting herself, Mary broke her alabaster jar, symbolically showing that very soon the Master would do likewise. Shouldn’t our lives be the same for Him? -Kristin Miller


“What a good idea. Such needed work in the world. I use this to read new content that is uplifting and brings me closer to my Creator.” -Yaz Nunez

“Finally there’s an app where I feel like I don’t have to navigate through tricky and dangerous theology to try to “find God.” Our Bible was made for people like me. It feels personal and intimate. In a Christianity that is often polarizing for queer children of God this app is a small glimpse at the Beloved Community we’re all trying to create.” -Finally, deGraffendork

“This is an incredible app and I appreciate the hard work of the people and their dedication to making this come to life. We as progressive Christians are often ignored and this addresses a great deal of that! THANK YOU! Easy to use…” -Steven Bidgen-Russell

“I’m so pumped for this app! I’ve been waiting for months and it’s already been so inspiring. Thank you for this gift. I feel like fresh air has been breathed into my lungs.” -Murff92

“This app is beautifully designed and easy to navigate. Provides a great alternative to other (often more cliche, conservative-leaning) bible and spirituality apps.” -jmcasey7

“Love the layout and easy to use! Great content, and wonderful message of inclusivity.” -Ndawg83

“This app fills a long standing need in my spiritual practice, a progressive daily devotional.” -Greg Briggs

“This is exactly what was needed, it’s here, it works. It’s a blessing!” -Kailany Santiago

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Our community is rich with knowledge and spirit. Our authors are from all demographics. They are young and old. Some have PhD’s while others have only learned to theologize their own experiences. Indeed wisdom is not a thing to be purchased but one to be grown inside an open heart. We revel in the mantle of uplifting these Thought Leaders and hope to introduce you to new voices, further binding together our often fragmented community. Get to know our authors here and on the app by clicking on the purple author cards.

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