Featured Devotionals


Prayer, Scripture, Service: Mastering a Spiritual Routine

By Catharine Edgar

This 3-day devotional will guide you through a method to practice the daily spiritual routine of prayer, Scripture, and service.


Women of the Old Testament

By Emily Grace

This 4-day devotional focuses on powerful women that God empowered to lead and to leave great legacies. Hagar, Hannah, Deborah, and Abigail are less commonly talked about, but their stories are of great importance in the story of God’s people.


Miracles of Enough

By Shannon Casey

In seasons of scarcity, reading about miracles in the Bible in which God transforms scarcity into enough can help renew our faith. Remind yourself of those miracles in this 5-day devotional.

“This is a one of a kind Bible app for progressive Christians. It's absolutely amazing and the devotionals are inspiring!”

― Madison DeLuca


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