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Chelsea Long

Embodying the Divine

Your body is the home for all of your spiritual experiences. Reconnect with the sacredn

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Jennifer C. Martin

Non-Monogamy: Love in Many Forms

What does non-monogamy mean and is it Biblical? Whether it’s romantic, platonic,

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Alycea T

Learning Subversive Sexuality from Biblical Sex Workers

Why does the Bible have so many references to sex workers? This 6-day devotional examin

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Kris Green

When Words Hurt

When people callously hurt us, how can we love them as Jesus did, in the moment the off

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Derrick Weston

Black Men on Screen

This 5-day devotional celebrates Black History Month with an exploration of the richnes

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Derrick Weston

The Man Behind the King

This 3-day devotional explores the life of Rev. Dr. Howard Thurman and how his work inf

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