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14 Things Churches Can Do to Stand Up for Transgender People

A recent article in NPR interviewed three generations of transgender Americans to discuss how times (and rights) have changed over the past decades, highlighting just how hard it is for people to simply live out their identity authentically.

So what can churches do to be welcoming, inclusive, and supportive of all gender identities? Here are some places to start.

ONE Provide a gender-neutral bathroom. Bathroom use is a major challenge for non-binary and trans people. In states like Florida and elsewhere around the country, legislation is being passed to make using the “wrong” bathroom a crime. Without gender-neutral spaces, people have to choose which room to use based on potential danger level; evaluating emotional, physical, and legal risk. Optimally all bathrooms in churches would be gender-neutral, but if that’s not possible, offering any option is still helpful.

TWO Tell people where family-style and/or gender-neutral bathrooms are during the announcements or other appropriate points in the service.

THREE Have those who speak from the front of the church, state their pronouns when introducing themselves. (Note: don’t use the term “preferred pronouns.” It’s just “pronouns.”)

FOUR Include pronouns on nametags.

Suzanne DeWitt Hall