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Welcome to Our Bible App. We are a progressive community, and we want you to join us in celebrating our many diversities and faith capacities. This is a faith-based Bible app that is “uplifting believers of all stripes.” Until now, it has been extremely difficult to find devotionals, podcasts, and resources that aren’t overtly conservative in nature. Our goal is to provide a platform with the largest compilation of progressive faith-based media content, bringing together writers and readers in one final media hub. We hope you will enjoy our offerings. Come back often to discover weekly featured devotionals, podcasts, and more.

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Your road to spiritual wholeness and discovery can be rife with harmful, abusive rhetoric.

We can help.

Let OBA tag along, and you’ll always have companions on the journey to uplift you, affirm your goodness, and dig into the hard stuff —without the baggage of toxic theology.

You deserve to connect with God authentically without misguided ideas of who God is and how God loves.

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