The spiritual writing workshop : creative writing with crystal cheatham

October 24th & 26th from 6:00-8:30PM (EST)

~ OR ~

October 30th & November 1st from 9:00-11:30PM (EST)

Days : 1 of 1

After five years of working with the most incredible Christian and spiritual writers, I would love the chance to sit down with those of you who might be our next great Progressive Christian writer.

The devotional writing process has really helped me and hundreds of others make sense of the world around us. As an editor and publisher, I have discovered that this process is the perfect format for spiritual writers to learn their strengths and hone new skills. As an example, many of our devotional writers have gone on to publish wildly successful books, start and star on podcasts, and even grow their social media audiences. It all starts with figuring out how you express yourself spiritually on the page.

Let’s grow together

Join me, Crystal Cheatham, for an intimate writing workshop that gets the inspirational juices flowing. This creative writing workshop is key if you want to:

  • Hone in on the story you want to tell the world,

  • Glean a spiritual message from it and then…

  • Theologize your personal experience in a way that invites readers along your specific journey.

Together we will find out what it is that you want to say and who needs to hear it. By the end you will each complete a peer reviewed 3-day devotional that may just make it to the shelf of Our Bible App.

Spiritual writing with crystal cheatham

From $5.00

Daily Outline

  • Idea Mining:
    Memoir and creative non-fiction storytelling

  • Let Your Style Bloom:
    Theologizing your personal experience

  • Peer Review:
    Everyone’s a critic but your opinion matters most

  • Straight to Publish:
    What a finished product looks like and where to send it

Crystal Cheatham

Crystal Cheatham (she/hers) received her MFA from Antioch University in 2012. She has gone on to host a column for the Philadelphia Gay News, write for Huffington Post and publish daily reads in The Deconstructionists Playbook released by Bemba Press. As the creator and founder of Our Bible app she works with writers from around the world to produce top tier progressive Christian theological works. Crystal has published over 600 daily devotionals working with 350+ authors along with two books. You can find out more about Crystal Cheatham by visiting the Meet the Team page.