Featured Devotionals


An Interfaith Kind of Love

By Robert Repta

This 5-day devotional breaks down the misconceptions of the biblical yoked/unyoked language used in 2 Corinthians and celebrates the strengths and beauty of interfaith relationships.


Good Grief

By Jory Micah

In remembrance of Rachel Held Evans, the author of this 5-day devotional reflects on grief, embracing pain and anger, healing, and how we can work towards justice to “Tell the Truth” despite our suffering.


The Most Unconventional Ways of Experiencing God

By Erin Green

This 7-day devotional explores the unique & surprising ways God invites us to be among them. LGBTQ+ people often live in spaces of liminality & undergo several points of transformation. Within this, God’s voice and activity are at their peak in our lives.

Featured Authors

Our community is rich with knowledge and spirit. Our authors are from all demographics. They are young and old. Some have PhD’s, while others have just learned to theologize their own experiences. Indeed, wisdom is not a thing to be purchased, but one to be grown inside an open heart. We revel in the mantle of uplifting these Thought Leaders and hope to introduce you to new voices, further binding together our often fragmented community. Get to know our authors here and on the app by clicking on the purple author cards.

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Elizabeth Jeffries

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