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Recovery & Resurrection:

For Those of Us Who Have Known Death Intimately

By Lenny Duncan

This 4-day recovery devotional is for those of us who have known death intimately. Lenny Duncan shares what he’s done with the raw, messy brokenness that comes before, during, and after recovery.


Risking the Passion

By AJ Levine

The last days of Jesus’ life are filled with risk. What challenges do you face as a follower of Jesus, and how do you respond?



By Michael Vazquez

For ­­­millenia, cultures around the world have oriented their lives around the movement of the Moon. This 8-day devotional looks to the Moon to reflect on what we can learn about the Divine in our own lives.


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Our community is rich with knowledge and spirit. Our authors are from all demographics. They are young and old. Some have PhD’s while others have only learned to theologize their own experiences. Indeed wisdom is not a thing to be purchased but one to be grown inside an open heart. We revel in the mantle of uplifting these Thought Leaders and hope to introduce you to new voices, further binding together our often fragmented community. Get to know our authors here and on the app by clicking on the purple author cards.

Danny Prada

Heartway Church

Micky Scottbey Jones

Kevin Garcia

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