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Righteousness Extends Love and Kindness to Others

By Timothy Arliss O’Brien

This 5-day Bible study on Hosea 10:12 dissects the Bible verse and brings light to the righteousness God brings to us as we seek love, mercy, and compassion.


Learning Boundaries

By Jasmin Figueroa

This 5-day devotionals examines the ways that boundaries help and hinder different expressions of love: romantic, self-love, loving those who have hurt us, love for community in the midst of oppression, and loving our bodies.


Love Big

By Rozella Haydee White

From the author of Love Big: The Power of Revolutionary Relationships to Heal the World, Rozella Haydee White writes to define and reframe love. Let us learn how to love in ways that bring about healing across complex boundaries.

“This is a one of a kind Bible app for progressive Christians. It's absolutely amazing and the devotionals are inspiring!”

― Madison DeLuca


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