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“This helps me when I’m feeling challenged at the crossroads between identity and faith, and I really appreciate the folks that have dedicated their energy to creating this and exploring those questions.” ―NickAJG

“I’m so glad there’s finally an app for marginalized Christians, especially LGBTQ people. It works great!” ―NintendoGurl

“On a journey to develop an admiration and understanding of the Bible while also mourning that many people have been hurt, using this book as a tool. This app has been helped me find some truth and beauty in the Bible again.

“Really excellent work. It’s fantastic that there is a free version of NRSV, that there are podcasts, and devotionals, and so much built right in! Love it.”

“This app is amazing. It has great devotionals and bibles available! If you’re LGBTQ+ download it!”
― Jaditto5

“Good to have an app to interface the Bible with real life needs for a better world.”
― Ann Craig

“This app fills a long standing need in my spiritual practice, a progressive daily devotional.”
― greg briggs

"This is exactly what was needed, it's here, it works. It's a blessing!”
― Kailany Santiago


“A bible/ devotion app that is all inclusive! Love it! “
― Joshua Hancock

“This is an incredible asset to those in need.”
― Joshua Walker

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