Publishing Policy

While we are a community that supports free speech, there are a few things that we are unable to publish. We want to create safer spaces for individuals all along the spiritual spectrum. Our readers are devout Christians and mystics . They identify as spiritual but not religious, while others are simply agnostic. Some are encountering spirituality for the first time or are re-engaging with a Christian tradition that has caused them much trauma in the past. Others are learned theologians, and still more identify as conservative Christians. We believe that the Christian blanket is large enough for all of us to fit under and that no one, when reaching for this resource, should feel as if they are an outsider.

1. No hate Speech:

We will not publish content that frames in a negative light LGBTQ people and women. We will not publish content that is anti-black, anti-brown, anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, or anti-Semitic.

We will not publish content that is ableist, sexist, or racist.

2. No conspiracy theories:

Fact check your work.

We value the use of Biblical criticism and various systems of theology in our devotional content. We also value and embrace the use of science and informed viewpoints. To this end, we do not allow devotionals that have conspiracy theories or political opinions that cannot be validated with facts.

3. Do not yuck anyone’s yum:

If you have to put down someone else’s faith in order to make buoyant your own, we will not be able to publish it.

We cannot, in good conscience, publish language that infers/declares one denomination/tradition to be false or inferior. The truth does not need to be qualified.

4. Stay sex positive (even if your piece is about celibacy):

Our Bible App celebrates the complexities of sex our Creator has given us.

We will not publish content that promotes purity culture or rape culture.

We will not publish anything that presents a clear gender role bias.

5. Use profanity with thoughtfulness and dignity:

We believe that profanity has a place even in spiritual thoughtfulness. Some messages cannot be conveyed without it. Please use any profanity with thoughtfulness and clear intent, otherwise it will be censored (s***).

*We reserve the right to update and change these policies without notice.