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Digital Marketing & Sales Manager

Want to join our team? We are looking for a Digital Marketing & Sales Manager who can create marketing campaigns, enjoys working with data and analytics and is comfortable in a sales role.

Job duties include:

Selling ads and ad space. Monitoring digital campaigns by reviewing app analytics. Commandeering the ads program by working closely with partners and Google Admob. Retrieving ad client assets and certifying all creatives fall within site specs. Sell ad space to partners. Ensure ad and marketing campaigns are implemented accurately & timely. Troubleshoot ad serving errors and report discrepancies. Serve as a point of contact for publishers for all advertising tech issues. Provide reports of data from firebase, flurry and Admob.

You should apply if:
You live in the greater Philadelphia area and can commit to up to 20 hours per week in an office space. You like marketing, sales, and compiling and presenting data. You are comfortable writing and thinking on your feet. You have a knowledge base of marketing tools and resources. You are innovative and comfortable creating systems of processes for a budding business. You are excited about sales, creating partnerships and maintaining relationships with new organizations. You are able to manage an advertising budget and use app analytics to the advantage of your daily work.  You have more than a basic knowledge of the progressive Christian world and understand the OBA mission on a personal level. You can wear multiple hats. You own your own portable work computer. 

What we offer:
Competitive pay, 24/hr access to a WeWork space

How to apply:
Send an email Please include your resume/CV with a brief explanation of what you offer the app team. 

Editor in chief

We will be hiring a new editor soon. Come back for more information.