Bailey Sargeant


Compassion for All God’s Creatures

Bailey Sargeant

Day 1 of 9: Introduction

Most people are animal lovers. We walk our dogs, snuggle our cats, go bird watching, go on safari, watch movies about animals, marvel at their beauty in nature documentaries, use animals to learn and teach our kids things like the alphabet and numbers—the list goes on. We have a relationship with animals. We really love them—or at least we think we do—but our actions show us something different.

Unfortunately, there are many animals we don’t love. Animals that we exploit and kill for food that’s not good for us (1-3), animals we test chemicals on and kill afterwards when research shows undesirable results (4, 5), animals we harm to breed pets when there are so many that are homeless and dying in shelters (6-8), animals we take from their homes and families to imprison in zoos and aquariums (9-11), animals we kill for clothing like leather and fur that we don’t need (12-14).

We designate these things as necessary to justify our actions, but what if they’re not actually needed to live a healthy, full life? What if they are just so ingrained in our culture* that we see them as such?

This 9-day devotional will look at what the Bible has to say about God’s nonhuman creation, how we can have more compassion, and how that compassion will serve not only animals, but also mankind and our planet.

*[I.e. cultures with the adequate access to the alternative, as we recognize that there are cultures and communities for which a completely plant-based lifestyle is not feasible, accessible, or easily accessible.]

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