Vince Bruno


Problematic Bible Verses & What to Do With Them

Vince Bruno

Day 1 of 5: Introduction

When I became a Christian, I was brought to the faith by a very loving and very fundamentalist family who taught me that the Bible is the perfect, uncontradictable word of God. The Bible depicts God as the loving and gracious God who is worthy of worship. The Bible is accurate and contains no fallacies. Any problem I may face in life has a solution in the Bible. The Bible is a simple to follow and easy to understand book.

Now here’s the thing. I pride myself on being an open-minded and considerate person. I also admire this family for all they’ve done for me. So I don’t say this lightly when I say that this well-meaning family was absolutely and unequivocally incorrect. The Bible is full of contradictions. There are horrific depictions of God. There are questionable ethics and inaccurate portrayals of science. The Bible is missing a lot of extremely important topics and instead includes a lot of irrelevant ones. The Bible is a complicated mess that is excruciatingly confusing and difficult to read.

And yet here we are still using the book nearly 2,000 years after its most recent texts were written and 1,600 years after it was compiled. There has got to be something within its pages, among those atrocious and problematic verses, that makes it worth reading. It somehow still points us to a God worthy of worship. Let’s try to figure out how.

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