Michael Vazquez

Day 1 of 8: Introduction

By Michael Vazquez

For millennia, cultures around the world have oriented their lives around the movement of the Moon. The Moon—a symbol of mystery, the divine feminine, and raw untethered power—is an intuitive force that has served as a guide post, a friend, and a beacon. In the Hebrew Scriptures, we see Israelites ordering calendars and their worship around the cycles of the moon. In Christian texts, the Moon is referenced as an indicator of divine action. Beyond the Judeo-Christian tradition, the moon has maintained a place of honor and reverence. In Ancient Egypt, the moon was called The TravelerThe Defender, and The Embracer. In Central America, some believed the moon to be the grandmother of the sun; others saw the moon as a great warrior.

The Moon is that fantastically queer figure, dignifying the wild beauty of the night, dancing to its own rhythm. The moon represents the wild within us, the divine feminine kept captive by our own inhibitions, and the Saturnian structures of this world. To read scripture by the light of the moon, to align our lives by its dance and wisdom, is to give ourselves over—like the sea and its tides—to an intense, spiritual freedom. This devotional is a primer to sitting with the Bible and the moon and letting the Creator carry us into new places of healing, wisdom, and liberation.

The great poet, Mary Oliver, wrote, “tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

By the Creator, I pray these words and prompts will help you find your way to your answer.

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