Presley Thomas


The Heart that Moves: Love as Labyrinth

By Presley Thomas

Day 1 of 5: Spirit & Light

“Christianity teaches us that we should love our enemies but fails to outline the steps that lead us to evolve that capacity. The church has taught us what to believe but not how to believe—how to connect our faith with our daily lives.”

-Lauren Actress

The Holy Spirit came down on Pentecost. The liturgical calendar always celebrates it on a Sunday, but it could have been a Tuesday or a Thursday or on your birthday some millennia or so ago. The importance is the memory, that we don’t forget who came before us, and that rests in our very bodies as keepers of faith.

Our faith, the one that belongs to us, not necessarily the one we were told to hold onto as children. The one that forms us even now. That continual movement of Spirit that doesn’t leave us unmoved.

I tried so hard to be unmoved after I was spiritually and emotionally abused after coming out. It didn’t seem impossible to completely remove myself from church. I even moved to the historically gay neighborhood in my city. God couldn’t find me there, or at least that’s what others told me.
I drove by a church every day on my way home from work. I heard the call to worship every Sunday. I was immune until I wasn’t, and my work life pressed down upon me. It was then that I heard the bells again and walked a few blocks to what turned out to be an affirming Episcopal parish.

This is where we start. Movement. Your movement will look different. Even if it’s only a finger, even if our hearts feel too broken to love anymore or embrace what or who has harmed us. Acknowledge that, too. These instructions aren’t written down. They are found in our bodies and spirits and experiences of love and faith or lack thereof. Where is your body now? Where is the Spirit? Can you feel it?

Before you go to the next day of devotion, be still and listen. Mind the body and Spirit. Remember this great gift and capacity offered to us since Pentecost. Let us walk the labyrinth together.

Lord, help me to move. Even if it’s only a little. Help me not to forget the Holy Spirit that came, and what that may mean for me now. Even if I don’t feel it or want it or need it. Help me to see myself: spirit, mind, and body. Teach me what I need to know about how to love myself and others even though there has been pain. Amen.

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