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Is it Time for Counseling? P2: Healthy Communication Tips When Talking to Your Partner About Counseling


Pride Is a Verb

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Let’s Talk about Sex!


Faith & Sexual Identity: Using Your Spirituality to Strengthen Your Confidence


4 Signs of an Unhealthy Sex Life in a Gay Relationship


4 Ways Counseling Can Help Improve Relationships with Your LGBTQ+ Partner

About the Author

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Isaac Archuleta, MA, NCC, LPC (@iAmArchuleta) specializes in the interplay between gender, sexuality, spirituality, and relationships. Being an ethnic and sexual minority, and LGBTQ+ clinician, Isaac works to address socioreligious mechanisms that mitigate psychological and spiritual development. Isaac is the owner of iAmClinic a private practice devoted to offering LGBTQ+ couples therapy, individual work, and family therapy. Find out more about the iAmClinic.

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