Timothy Arliss O'Brien


Sowing and Reaping Righteous Love

By Timothy Arliss O'Brien

Day 1 of 5: Righteousness Extends Love and Kindness to Others

Sow righteousness for yourselves,
reap the fruit of unfailing love,
and break up your unplowed ground;
for it is time to seek the Lord,
until God comes
and showers righteousness on you.

Hosea 10:12 (NIV)

We practice righteousness by loving others and extending the kindness of God to those we interact with. This action plants the seeds for a better world. Often, we look for love and kindness in return to verify our role as a righteous individual, but the unfailing love we reap is so often the easing of another’s burdens and heartache. The kindness and love we are able to provide through our righteousness transforms the world and tells those disheartened and in despair that there is still hope. A hope that can weather the storms of life when all seems unfair and unjust.

Righteousness is usually associated with correct ethics and morals, and while this may be true, a divine love and kindness surpasses ethics and morals. It acknowledges the Imago Dei, the divine spark in the human across from us. It passes along unfaltering love and kindness unconditionally, without need for ethics, politics, or requirements. This righteousness is love spilling over onto others and is contagious. This extreme display of love and kindness softens hearts and connects us to each other spiritually. Communing together in equal shared love and kindness not only refines righteous living, but also brings a miraculous kingdom to fruition. A peaceful and gentle community that is also just and unwavering.

As you explore righteousness in the coming days, imagine how you can extend love and kindness to those who you interact with often.

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