Card Talks: Ben Christian (and Guests)


Card Talks

By Ben Christian (and Guests)

Day 1 of 9: A Note from the Editor

Card Talks is a series of blog posts from the makers of A Game for Good Christians—think Cards Against Humanity, except all of the cards are made up of people and situations taken straight from Bible passages.

Each “Card Talk” post explores one or more cards from the game, usually one of the more outrageous-sounding cards—the cards that have you thinking “Where is THIS in the Bible?” or “This can’t possibly be in the Bible” and even “Blasphemy! Heresy! You’ll burn in Heck FOREVER for this!”

These reactions are normal, of course—even expected! Just look at the titles of the posts (which are direct quotes of the game cards), and you’ll notice that they aren’t worded with the most, uh.. reverent language. This game is chock full of sarcastic, snarky, scholarly summaries from seminarians (as well as some other S words).

But don’t mistake their humor for disrespect. This game is supposed to be fun and outrageous enough to make you want to explore why these ridiculous things are in the Bible. The contents of these cards can be jarring, hilarious, and deeply uncomfortable; that’s because the contents of the Bible are all those things and more. So most of these Card Talks dive deep into some biblical exegesis (a fancy way of saying “scholarly research-based critical interpretation”) in order to make sense of all this stuff.

We (Our Bible App) appreciate—as well as thoroughly enjoy—the game’s ability to provoke our God-given gifts of critical thinking while motivating us to engage with the Bible in a meaningful and more in-depth way, where we ask questions and try to make sense of this collection of texts that have such an overwhelmingly large effect on our personal lives and the world at large. We believe that’s something a “good Christian” should want.

The Card Talks you’ll find here in the app are just a fraction of what you can find on the game’s blog. We’ll post more “batches” of Card Talks on the app from time to time, and with each “batch” we’ll try to follow a theme. You’ll notice that this first “batch” of posts examines references to women in the Bible, and each post also gives a good lesson about reading the Bible and trying to figure out what to do with it.

Wherever you stand in your relationship with the Bible, with Christianity, with faith in general, with God—we invite you in.

You can read the rest of the Card Talks at If you’re interested, you can also read more about how and why the game was created here:

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