Caralynn Hampson

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Autistic Prayer

-Caralynn Hampson


To everyone reading: whether you are autistic or neurotypical, queer or straight, young or old, Christian or not, you are a Child of God. You are loved by the God who created the heavens and the earth, the God who cares for the sparrows and the God who listens to your prayers.

Autism isn’t mentioned in the Bible. The Diagnostic Standard Manual (DSM) did not exist back then. However, autistic people are present today; we sing and move with life that is glorious and wonderful. We process information differently and view life from varying angles. We love with passion and know the true definition of patience.

This devotional is an exploration of autistic faith expression and prayer. I am writing from my own experiences as an autistic Christian, and I cannot encompass all the struggles autistic people know.

My name is Caralynn, and I am an autistic Christian. My pronouns are she/her, and I am asexual—which isn’t very relevant, but it would feel weird writing something that talks about people being themselves without sharing that. I was diagnosed with autism and ADHD at the wonderfully awkward age of 13.

Throughout this devotional I chose to use identity-first language (i.e. “autistic person”) instead of person-first language (which would be “person with autism”). I use identity-first language because autism does not negate my personhood, and my identity includes autism.

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