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Rethinking and reimagining your faith? That matters. You are not alone. Follow those questions, doubts, and curiosities with us on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. Hosts Jeff, Bonnie, Casey, Allen, and Raj cultivate thoughtful conversations for the spiritual journeyer. Especially if you’re evolving out of Evangelicalism or Christian Fundamentalism, you are Irenicast.


Fully Yours

A Podcast on Food, The Sacred, and Ordinary Moments of Extraordinary Belonging


The Jesus Jawn

A couple of Pastors talking theology, news, video games, hip hop, jam bands, and literally anything else. The two hosts and their guests have fun humanizing a progressive Christian movement that has became a bit of a screaming match.


Boldcafe Podcast

Boldcafe is hosted by Elizabeth McBride and features progressive Christian ideas with Lutheran theology. Monthly articles written by young women of faith for younger audiences are featured on the website. Topics range from relationships, vocation, work-life issues, and more for young adult women.