Before They Go...


They had a great run but we have retired the following titles:

Be Still and Go: A Lenten Devotional

Holiness, Inherent Goodness, and True Neighbors

Angels We Have Heard on High

To Haiti and Africa

For F***s Sake

Jael: Equipped for Purpose

When Doing It Ourselves Isn’t Enough

What I Don’t Believe

Letting Go

Wounding God

8 Steps to Sainthood (Wink)

Find Your Orlando

Vengeance & Favor

Jesus Is Not Santa

Gobbled by the Christian Machine

Politics & Faith Unraveling

Rebuilding after Deconstructing

Politics & Faith Unraveling

Fine, It's A "Sin" Problem

All Is Worship

The Way Home

Resurrection is Reconnection

Christmas for Heathens

The Best Christian Ever

The Bishop, The Hostess, and the Blessed Mother

Running From Christmas

Sprinkles of Key West

Love is Bigger: Or, why my children will grow up affirming

You are Good

Trust Versus Fear

I Hate All Your Show

Breaking Open: Sodom & Gomorrah

When the Spirit of Truth Comes

Holy Conversations: Mental Health

Our Story Too: Reading the Bible With "New Eyes"

Queer Spirituality

Numbering My Days

The 10 Commandments of A Fused Faith

Faith Drives Experience

A Working Definition of Faith

Faith in Santa & God

Good Enough For God

Cultivating An Inner Life

Beauty In The Margins

Is there a God shaped hole in our hearts?

When Faith Doesn't Work: Targets Versus Outcomes

The Insidious Self

The God Particle

The Joy of Impermanence




Loving Ray

Our Same Sex Marriage

Honoring the Image of God in Every Child

Of Dogs & Dried Trees

The Way Home

Sewn Together

Belief's Wide Skirt

Watching the “Christian” Responses to a Local Mosque Getting Burned Down


A Womanist Retelling of Rachel and Leah

Leaving the Pews for the Protest

The Hebrew Prophets & Our Modern Desire for An Angry God

Make a Sabbath Plan to Avoid Political Burnout

The Biblical Case for DACA

December 3rd: Advent I

Christ the King Sunday

Reformation Sunday

What Are You Waiting For?

Creating Space For God

Hiding From Love

I Stand at the Door

Overcoming Fear

From. Through. To.

When God Feels Far Away

Of Dogs & Dried Trees

A Beautiful Ache

Engaging the Living God

The World Behind the World

Meditations to Honor the God and Goddess

Too Much Hate

Create in Me a Clean Heart

And Now a Word About Eunuchs

A Ritual of Healing, Hope

Remembering Dr. King

From Baptism to Transfiguration

Beauty in the Margins

Friendship As Justice

What About Sin?

"Fa**ot" Jesus

Easter: A Disabled God

Authenticity Brings Us Closer to God

New Clothes

Finding God in Unexpected Places


The Shocking Kindness of God

Small Voices

Underdogs Welcome

Immediacy of Love

Let There Be Peace

Radical Hospitality: A Look at Martha and Mary

Gobbled by the Christian Machine

Rebuilding After Deconstructing

Halo Effect

Abigail, Rahab & Deborah: Big Faith


Romans 13

Prodigal Sons and Daughters

Keep Watch with Me

How Can I Keep from Singing

Worship in 30 Seconds or Less

Getting Along with People You Can’t Stand

On Faith

#MeToo & More

Glitter Ash

No Pics, Didn’t Happen


Catch a Falling Star


Mark 4:26-34 Lectionary Reflection

Torches of Hope