On Jesus' Humanness: Day 2 of 4


Are You Tired?

-Candice Czubernat

“When Jesus says, ‘Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me, get away with me and you’ll recover your life.” -Matthew 11:28, MSG

Have you ever wondered why it was important for Jesus to be human?  I’m not talking about why it was important for him to come and give up his life for us; the crucifixion.  I’m talking about why it was important that he was a flesh-and-blood man.  This season of Lent and Easter always takes me to a place of considering Jesus’ humanity; the thing we have in common, our humanness.  It feels easy to focus on the whole Jesus-died-for-my-sins and forget that he was human.  He surely had morning breath, hunger pains, and a bad mood every now and then.  As a human myself, I sometimes find more comfort in his humanness than in his Godness.  What I mean is that when I’m feeling discouraged by my limitations, “bad” thoughts, or lack of being able to be perfect I know that if Jesus really was human he too had times of the less than perfect moments all us humans experience.  His humanness somehow expands my graciousness towards myself.  It’s almost as if I can say, maybe these things about me aren’t so bad, they are just simply human and maybe being human isn’t so horrible, maybe it just is.   

About the Author

Candice Czubernat is a married gay Christian woman and mother of twins. She is the founder of The Christian Closet, a web-based counseling practice, she is also a writer, and one of the --10 Pro-LGBT Religious Women You Should Know-- according to The Advocate Online. She has an M.A. in Counseling Psychology and has worked in mental health for a decade. She specializes in seeing those needing a safe place to reconcile their faith with their sexual and gender identities. While she is an out gay Christian, coming to accept her sexuality was a road filled with much pain and confusion. Her family was loving, but their Christian roots did not provide a context for her to accept being both gay and Christian. In her work at The Christian Closet she has come to find that there are hundreds of thousands of others who also connect with this plight and she counts it a privilege to have walked along countless people through the stories of their lives.