A Message From the Editor

Hi, Sophia here.

I have been working with Crystal Cheatham on Our Bible App, to my surprise as much as anyone's, and we are pushing to make ends meet before the June 30 beta launch. Anything with “Bible” can be triggering for many, and I know it certainly was for me before I met Crystal Cheatham. What is this, why am I doing this, and why might you consider getting involved?

I’m no expert, and while ethnically Jewish, was raised without any religious beliefs or practices. In high school and college, I only learned about the oppressions religion is used to uphold, from Mike Pence to the Spanish Inquisition. As I got older and my view of life grew less rigid and more complex, more real, I’ve seen that of course religion has many positive sides. Faith gives people hope, hope inspires real change, and that can tangibly improve the lives of individuals and communities. My spirituality helps me more in tough times than nihilism or cynicism do, and I’ve recently found that that’s true for more people than I ever expected.

Crystal was raised Seventh Day Adventist, and she’s seen both sides of the coin. That’s why she created Our Bible App, to amplify the strengths of faith in a way that prioritizes the inclusion of all. Anyone is welcome to participate in this app; there is even a whole Bible-Free section for people like me (and maybe you!). It provides a social network space for the spiritually curious to the spiritually devoted to meet and discuss any aspect of life you can imagine, and a collection of community-created “devotionals,” or meditation programs. This is especially important for young folks growing up thinking they were born wrong. Just think, if this had been around for so many people of my and previous generations...!

This is not the same as the Bibles fossilizing with good intentions in your motel nightstand, and this is definitely not the same as the Bibles waved to silence women, LGBTQI, and other marginalized folks into self-loathing. This is a cause I’m proud to be a part of, surprising as it may be. Please consider registering for the (free) app’s launch June 30 at www.ourbibleapp.com, and/or sharing this with anyone you think might be interested, as Teen Vogue, Essence, PBS, Autostraddle, and LGBTQ Nation have so far. Send the Indiegogo campaign some love if you have change or FB wall-space to spare. And don’t be afraid to shoot me a message with any questions or thoughts at all!

Love, Sophia