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Hi Everyone,

My name is Crystal Cheatham and I am the woman behind Our Bible App. I founded it but I’m not alone. Along the way I have been joined by a team that has taken my vision to a whole new level. Eliel Cruz, Rodney McKenzie, Sophia Olkhova and Oliver Cheatham are breathing life into the gears and cogs of this thing. As we work on getting the app ready for launch we are collectively floored by the reactions we are getting from community members like you.

Partnerships are being formed, sponsors are coming out of the woodwork, and most of all we have been blessed to receive submissions by writers of faith from all over the US and parts of the world.

We are truly trying to create a worship and meditation app that meets everyone where they are, no matter where they find themselves along the faith journey. Rick Hocker is one of our earliest authors to hit the nail on the head in voicing what this app is about. When it comes to nurturing a spiritual relationship with God, what we believe determines how we live our lives.

I’ll be checking in from time to time, offering updates on the app and highlighting some of our featured authors, partners and sponsors. Enjoy the devotional and come back often for more.

Crystal Cheatham


What We Believe Limits Us
By Rick Hocker

"God never speaks to me," I have heard people say. That declaration leaves no room for God to do anything different in the future. The word "never" shuts down all expectation. Without realizing it, those people have closed themselves to God's communication. Fortunately, God can exceed our expectations of Him and often does. When He does, our belief about Him expands because of our experience.

However, we shouldn't let our experience determine what we believe about God. Our experience of God is limited and small. If that is our primary frame of reference, then our God will be limited and small, and we won't experience the fullness of God that is described in the Bible. The God of the Bible is a God of great compassion, a God who is active in the lives of people, a God who works wonders. If we choose to believe in a God like that, we will begin to experience those attributes of God.

As we start to experience more of God, our lives do not necessarily become easier. We experience God in the midst of life's challenges and it's our experience of God's love and empowerment that enables us to endure and overcome those challenges. God doesn't spare us from hardships because He uses them to transform our character to be more like His.

If you desire to experience more of God, then first evaluate what you believe about Him. Do you limit God by believing He can do little in your life? Do you believe God to be stingy or generous, distant or close, active or uninvolved? Do you constrain God by what you believe He can't or won't do? Let us expand our belief so that God will have more opportunity to make Himself more real and active in our lives. God does desire a closer relationship with us.

We limit God by what we tell ourselves about Him. "I haven't been loving, so I can't expect God to kind to me," we might say. Conditional statements like that prevent God from acting in our behalf. We refuse any possible gifts in advance. We make the mistake of seeing God as a human parent who punishes and withholds, when God is said to be faithful even when we are faithless. -2 Timothy 2:13 (NASB)