#ShutTheHellUp: Day Nine

#ShutTheHellUp... To convey a visceral Gospel, we must sometimes use visceral language.


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(Dis)Belief. Psalm 27:3

“Though an army besiege me, 
my heart will not fear; 
though war break out against me, 
even then I will be confident.”

Where there is fear, love cannot be present.
Where there is love, fear cannot be present.
The two cannot hold the same space.

Your liberty must make the choice.

Shall I respond with fear or love?

When you feel scared to stand up against hate, you tell fear, “Shut the hell up!
When you feel scared to stand up for truth, you tell fear, “Shut the hell up!
When you feel scared to express Love through action, you tell fear, “Shut the hell up!

This is the ultimate war within. Let Love lead this battle, and no army wins against you. For the ultimate power is Love, even for your enemies.

Being confident in this Love, addressed against your enemy, weakens the fear residing in them.

The enemy is then shown to grow in Love within. The enemy will learn the ability to tell their fear, “Shut the hell up!

But, alas, remember, “Love IS PATIENT, Love IS KIND…” Therefore, do not put a timetable on your enemy for change.

Lead by example; allow your actions to speak for you. The more you Love, the more they in turn will begin their journey from fear to Love.

God is love. Therefore, wherever we write “love” let it be written, “Love.”

Love always, always Love.

Ranjeeta Singh

About The Author

One of today’s featured contributors is Ranjeeta Singh. Her bio is:
Whole Body Health/Life Coach
Mind, body, and soul
Race — human
Religion — Love
Living in my truth. I love, Love.
God is Love.

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