#ShutTheHellUp: Day Six

#ShutTheHellUp... To convey a visceral Gospel, we must sometimes use visceral language.


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For the Love of God. Jeremiah 1:7.

The Lord responded,
 “Don’t say, ‘I’m only a child.’
 Where I send you, you must go;
 what I tell you, you must say.

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Matthew David MorrisWriter | Musician | Postulant to Holy Orders in TEC | Student @iliffontheroad | Worship @SaintDavidPDX | Married @slamteacher | Queer | Mestizo

#ShutTheHellUp is a organized by Tuhine Verma Rasche and Jason Chestnut. They rely on a collective of authors to grapple with messages of the Advent season. Find out more at Medium.com/FuckThisShit