Fireside Chat

With Lyndsey Medford, Dec 14th, 6-7pm EST

Chat in the app with a group and a featured author. This is a scheduled event. If you’re not sure when it’s happening, we’ll let you know.

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Building Community

We are leaning into community and that means engaging with you. Our Bible App is attempting to do something very counter-culture, kind of revolutionary and definitely envelope pushing. Some of the devotionals published to the app are contemplatively controversial or ripe with new knowledge. We'd like to discuss what these words of wisdom mean to you. Join us in our fireside chats or jump into a pre-themed chat room to make friends and consider new opinions. Let us know how you experience faith, spirituality and how you've been able to digest the words of our featured authors.  


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Want to find more people, more friends, more folks who believe like you? Join a chat room in the app by letting us know which rooms to add you to (May take 24-48 hrs).

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