Join a Group Chatroom

Want to find more people, more friends, more folks who believe like you? Join a chat room in the app by letting us know which rooms to add you to (May take 24-48 hrs).

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When setting up your profile in the app you create a user name. Put that username here.
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How it works

Step 1. Choose a chatroom

1. New Friends:  An easy way to make new friends on the app

2. Bible Study:  This is a discussion based on of the devotionals found on the Biblical Study shelf. We will pick a new devotional each week.

3. LGBT Christians:  A space to discuss queer theology and to also make new friends.

4. Mystic Christian: A space to discuss ways we pair our Christianity with other spiritual practices that serve us.

5. Deconstruction: A space to discuss toxic beliefs, teachings, and concepts that we have unlearned and are unlearning.

Step 2. Come back each Thursday for new prompts

Moderator: The OBA Team will serve as moderators. The moderator will be engaging minimally. New discussion topics will be posted each Thursday by the moderator.

Step 3. Play Nice!

Chat room rules: 

  1. Be kind to one another 

  2. No hate speech

  3. Do not yuck anyone else’s yum

  4. Use profanity with thoughtfulness and dignity

  5. Expect best intentions

  6. Don’t screenshot and post discussions—this is a semi private space

  7. If you need an even more private space with someone, create and invite them into another chat room

  8. Have fun ;)