Seeking Writers

"Hello Friends! I’m extending an invitation to you. Our Bible app is currently seeking writers for devotionals. Read below to discover how you can contribute to the growing number of devotionals for diverse spiritual audiences."

-Crystal Cheatham, Founder & CEO

In the Spirit of Popular Education…

We want YOU to write for us! We are looking for Biblical Daily Devotionals, Bible-Lite Daily Devotionals, and Spiritual/Bible-Free Devotionals.

You are free to write a devotional about anything* you wish, but if you need some inspiration to write, take a look at our suggested themes below. 

*Your writing must comply with our Publishing Policy

Find suggested topics here.


  • Theme & Title: Must be explicit as to what the focus of your devotional is.

  • Number of days that your devotional lasts: Include as many days as you like, but no less than 3 days.

  • Quote or Bible* Passage: *The Bible passage is an optional addition to each day of your devotional, unless you are submitting a Biblical Daily Devotional.

    • Quoted Bible passages must include the book, chapter, verse, and Bible translation. E.g. Matthew 5:10-12 (NRSV).

    • If using quotes from published texts, please include copyright information (publisher, title, author, year published, page passage is found on).

  • Main Message: Budget 200-750 words per message, per day. Your message should be concise, and each day should have one clear focus/main purpose for your readers.

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