Submission topics we always welcome:

  • Love and care for all of God’s creatures

  • Taking care of the earth (addressing climate change/environmental justice)

  • Building community/ reaching across political lines

  • Racial Justice

  • Growing in: faith, hope, love, etc.

  • Learning to be better humans and better Christians

  • Dealing with: trauma, anxiety, loss, homelessness, job loss, anger, unanswered prayers, etc.

  • Celebrating: joy, triumphs, family, love, friends, yourself

  • Deconstructing & reframing: miracles, sin, traditional interpretations of bible stories, purity culture, etc.

  • Addressing and challenging oppression in: the Church, in the government, in other institutions with unjust structures

If writing about these themes, please send them by the appropriate due date.

Due August to publish in September
Setting spiritual goals
Loving your neighbor
Relationships, marriage, courting, sex, love
Young adult advice
Finding community in new environments
Mystic Christianity
End of Summer
Back to School
Living with disability
Living with chronic illness
Lessons from the natural world

Due October
World Teachers Day (1st)
All Saints Day (21st)
Halloween (21st)

Due November
Thanksgiving (18th)
24 days of Advent (18th)

Due December
Christmas (9th & 16th)
New Years (16th)