Church Clarity & Our Bible



Our Bible believes that Clarity is Reasonable. We are dedicated to uplifting the standard of Clarity when it comes to churches, pastors and their parishioners. We are officially teaming up with Church Clarity to provide our community with accountable spiritual resources.

What is Church Clarity?

Church Clarity is an initiative that seeks to increase transparency and accountability in churches by establishing a standard for clearly communicated policies. We do so by crowdsourcing ratings of local churches based on how clearly they communicate their policies on their websites.

The goal of Church Clarity is as simple as the name: to delivery Church Clarity. To literally map out the Church, and clarify what it is. This requires a different approach to conversations among those who identify as followers of Jesus. Before we can address our differences, we must first acknowledge them. Clarity is Reasonable, and the goal of delivering Church Clarity should appeal to all people, regardless of their particular beliefs, or even if they are not involved with a local church. Counterintuitively, Church Clarity is not exactly for ‘churches’ it is for ‘THE Church’ - it is for people.

What changes will be made to the app?

  1. Author Profiles: Authors will have the ability to verify their status as Clear through a brief online form. This form is provided by Church Clarity and will grant each author a Clarity stamp and brief description in their profile.

  2. Message Highlights: From time to time devotionals submitted by Clear authors will be hosted on the Church Clarity site.

  3. Church Clarity Shelf: A shelf in the app will be curated by the folks over at Church Clarity.

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Become a Clear author

Are you an author who has written for Our Bible? By answering a few questions we can add you to our growing list of Clear Authors. These authors are progressive at heart and want to promote a spiritual culture that is inclusive and affirming of differences. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to have your information listed on alongside other Advocates.


Become an advocate

If you're not an author for Our Bible but still want to join the movement then becoming an advocate is just right for you. Being an Advocate simply means publicly stating that you believe Clarity is an important and reasonable expectation of churches. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to have your information listed on alongside other Advocates.

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Submit a church

Anyone can submit information, but the Church Clarity team will verify all submissions and decide whether or not to publish it on our public church database. Your personal information - name, email, story, etc - will always remain confidential unless you give us written permission to do otherwise.