BA: Devotional Author Agreement

This Author Agreement is made between the undersigned Devotional Writer (Author) and Our Bible App, Inc (OBA) digital platform.

Terms and Conditions

In consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained, the all parties hereby agree as follows:

  1. Publisher owns the Android and iPhone application, Our Bible App.

  2. The Author agrees to these terms and conditions by submitting devotional content to OBA via its online submission platform. OBA has sole and exclusive discretion in deciding whether or not to publish devotional content on OBA’s platforms, including, but not limited to, Our Bible App, website and newsletter.

  3. N/A

  4. The Author agrees, as a contributing devotional writer, that all submissions of interest written and submitted to OBA may be published and/or distributed to all OBA platforms, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or other related uses.

  5. All Parties agree that there are no minimum or maximum number of devotional submissions that the Author must submit to OBA, and that the Author is free to refrain from submitting any devotional submissions to OBA. Similarly Our Bible App doesn’t commit to publishing any minimum number of the Author’s submissions.

  6. Author’s services under this Agreement are as an independent contractor. The Parties agree that the Author is not an employee of Our Bible App and is not entitled to any employee benefits offered OBA to its employees. The Parties acknowledge and agree that the Author is free to publish on other Platforms and/or other media in accordance with Author’s sole and exclusive interest and desire, and that the Author’s work product is limited exclusively to those devotional submissions accepted by OBA for publication on its media platforms.

  7. Author warrants that all submissions will be original works of authorship of the Author and will not infringe upon or violate any intellectual property right of any third party, and Author indemnifies OBA specifically against any damages arising out of a violation of this Paragraph 7.

  8. This Agreement creates a confidential relationship between the Author and Our Bible App. Information concerning OBA and/or its agents, subcontractors, collaborating partners, as well as the Author’s business affairs, vendors, finances, properties, methods of operation, computer programs, employees, documentation, and other such information whether written, oral, or otherwise, is confidential in nature. Our Bible App and the Author, and all their agents or representatives will adhere fully to this confidentiality agreement.

  9. The above compensation licenses full rights of the submission to OBA for uses outlined in this agreement. The Author may submit duplicates of any devotional submissions published by OBA on Our Bible App or other media platforms to other publications as well. In the event that Author publishes any devotional submission originally published by OBA on Our Bible App, then the Author will include at the end of the submission the following attribution: “Originally published by OBA on Our Bible App, Inc, a program of Intersections.”

  10. This Agreement will continue until terminated by either party by written notice.

  11. This Agreement constitutes the complete and exclusive statement of the terms and conditions between the parties with regard to the matters set forth herein, and it supersedes all other agreements, proposals, and representations, oral or written, express or implied, with regard thereto.

By submitting your content you agree to these terms.